Esti Fridman

Esti Friedman

Co - Founder 

30‭ ‬years of experience in global‭ ‬&‭ ‬local banks as well as in Israeli leading insurance company‭. ‬

Initiated‭ ‬&‭ ‬built the first non-bank credit institution.‬


Previous Positions


CEO of Clal Financing Division‭ ‬&‭ ‬Clal Insurance Board member


Chairman of Clal Credit Insurance


VP Citibank Israel


Business Branch Manager FIBI Bank‭ ‬


Academic education


MBA‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Hebrew University


BA‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Economics‭, ‬Hebrew University

itzchak klein

Yitzhak klein

Co - Founder & Managing Director

35‭ ‬years of experience in insurance management‭ ‬&‭ ‬extensive international relationships with reinsurers and investment banks‭.‬


Previous Positions


Senior Deputy CEO of Clal Insurance‭, ‬General Insurance Division Manager


CEO Inbal Insurance Company


Chairman of Board in several insurance agencies


Senior Deputy Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance


Academic education


MA‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Public Administration‭, ‬Hebrew University


BA‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Economics‭, ‬Hebrew University

Liron Ben Yaacov

Liron Ben Yaacov

Senior Director

20‭ ‬years of experience in the global corporate‭ ‬&‭ ‬investment banking‭.‬

Leading large global M&A and synidication deals‭ ‬


Previous Positions


CEO Morgan Capital


SCO Credit Agricole Israel


‭ ‬RM Clal Insurance Credit Division


‭ ‬AVP Citibank Israel


‭ ‬Hapoalim Bank‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Credit analyst


Academic education


MBA Finance‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Manchester Business School


BA‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬The colleague of Business Administration

Stav vilensky Itach

Stav Vilansky-Itach CPA

Chief Analyst

Expert in Basel Regulation‭, ‬adoption and implemention in different regulatory environments‭.‬‭ ‬


Previous Positions


KPMG Israel, Complex finance department‬

Academic education


BSc ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Accounting‭, ‬Statistic and Operation Research‭, ‬


Tel aviv University