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Basel III regulations and Basel IV accords‭, ‬require more stringent capital management‭.‬

According to Basel, ‬risk transfer can be used as a credit risk mitigation in order to relief capital‭.‬

In a world of low return on alternative investments‭, ‬the‭ (‬Re)insurance industry needs to explore new products and new markets‭.‬

Basel regulation creates new business opportunities for cooperation between Banks and‭ (‬Re)insurers‭.‬

CRS concept of‭ (‬RE)insuring large bank guarantees portfolios‭, ‬meets both parties challenges‭.‬

Our Services


Identify capital mitigation potential


Full support throughout

the transaction process


Syndication to top tier‭ (‬RE)insurers


Managing the policy during

the transaction period


Portfolio‭ ‬&‭ ‬single risk transactions

Bank guarantees‭ (‬RE)insurance

Short‭ ‬&‭ ‬Long terms Credit Insurance

Trade and Export finance

Political Risk insurance

Unfunded silent risk participation

Project Finance

Mortgages‭ (‬RE)insurance



  • Substantial capital relief on existing portfolio and new business

  • Credit risk mitigation

  • Capital adequacy optimization by reducing RWA

  • Output floor optimization according to the standardized approach

  • ROC improvement

  • Redirecting capital to higher return transactions

  • Increase exposure to large debtors

  • Reduce sector exposure - mainly to the real-estate and infrastructure sector.

  • Reduce single borrower exposure.

  • Credit risk diversification improvement

  • No interference in normal course of business

  • Risk participation of the‭ (‬Re)insurers is on a silent basis

  • Long term partnership with high rated‭ (‬Re)insurers that do not compete


  • New business opportunities with banks

  • Exposure to diversified high quality portfolios

  • Risk diversification

  • X-Sell opportunities

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