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Hapoalim Bank reinsured NIS 27 Billion of its Housing bonds portfolio with Global Reinsurers

Led by CRS

Bank Hapoalim has finalized agreements with highly ranked international Re(insurers), to acquire its housing bond portfolio. The insured part of the portfolio is valued at 27 billion NIS, while the insurance policy protects the bank in case it is required to pay funds to realization of the guarantees.

This transaction was attained by the Head of the Corporate Division, Jacob Orbach, and Yadin Antebi Head of the Finance Division, under the management of Itamar Furman Head of Syndication.

This acquisition of the insured portfolio is designed primarily to diminish the restricted capital for any credit risk arising from the insurance policy to guarantee liability.

Purchase of this insurance is designed primarily to reduce the restricted capital for credit risk arising from the issue of sales guarantees and liabilities. Depending on preliminary evaluations, completing the move is expected to lead to an improvement of 0.25% of the Capital adequacy.

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