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Leumi bank reinsured NIS 25B of its Housing Bond Portfolio with Global Reinsurers – Led by CRS

Bank Leumi has just announced that it will Reinsure its housing bonds portfolio with global Reinsurers.

This deal has been leaked by “Calcalist” last September during the negotiation process. It was then revealed that the bank was negotiating a transaction in the amount of 25 Billion NIS with Swiss Re, Munich Re who have signed a similar deal with Discount bank in August of last year.

Discount bank was the first bank in Israel to share this deal with global Reinsurers and currently Leumi Bank is following in their footsteps. The purchase of reinsurance with AA- Reinsurers and above, allows release of 80% risk in assets for the bank. Therefore, only 20% on the risk in liability is held by the bank itself.

The deal coincides with yesterday’s announcement of the bank, in order to stabilize measures to meet its capital targets. Leumi Bank presented last September their capital adequacy of 9.3%, however it must be increased by 1% by the beginning of 2017. This transaction will contribute to the Bank’s capital adequacy 0.2% – 0.3%. The effect of this measure is expected to be reflected in Q1 of 2016.

The bank has declared additional measures to meet in their capital adequacy ratio which is still in negotiation with various employees regarding their benefits with the new shares issued- which is expected to contribute 0.4% for the capital adequacy ratio of the bank. In addition, the increase of the bank’s capital adequacy is expected to reach the current income of the bank in the following year, as well as the sale of assets by the Bank and other transactions, in order to reach the goal imposed by the supervisor of the bank.

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