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Innovative & Creative Insurance Solutions



CRS is a consulting advisory firm that specializes in developing‭, ‬distributing‭, ‬implementing and operating Credit Insurance Solutions for banks and corporates‭.‬


CRS specializes in creating Capital Relief Solutions for Banks‭, ‬by transferring banking financial risk assets to highly rated‭ (‬Re)insurers‭.‬ Inlight of Basel regulations, this transfer will allow capital adequacy and output floor optimization.


CRS is bridging between the Banking and the‭ (‬Re)insurance worlds‭, ‬by offering both parties new fields for cooperation in‭ (‬Re)insuring large scale of low risk portfolios‭.‬


CRS provides direct Credit Insurance Solutions for short and long term periods‭.‬


CRS is taking an active part throughout the deal life cycle in all relevant aspects and is a one stop shop for‭ (‬Re)insurers and‭ ‬Banks‭.‬

CRS for Banks‭ ‬&‭ (‬RE‭) ‬Insurers

New business opportunities‭ ‬&‭ ‬credit risk mitigation by redirecting capital to higher return transactions

CRS for Corporates

Diversification of Credit facilities by using short and long terms. Credit Insurance tools


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